Term Definition
Element pure substance made of only on atom
Atom smallest particle of matter
Protons + charge (positive charge),located in the nucleus
Electrons – charge (negative charge), located outside of the nucleus
Neutrons 0 charge (no charge/neutral),located in the nucleus with the protonsThe atomic weight (rounded to the nearest whole number)-atomic number
Nucleus A neutron is a subatomic particle found in the nucleus of every atom except that of simple hydrogen
Atomic Mass how much the atom weighs
Nonmetals No lusterPoor conductor of heat and electricitybrittle = crumbles easilynonmetals are basically the opposite of metals
Corrosive tending to cause corrosion
Ductile able to be drawn out into a thin wire
Chemical Symbol a shorter way to label a chemical
Luster shine
Metals Luster=shinyGood conductor of heat and electricity Ductile=can be drawn into a thin wire Malleable=can be smashed without crumbling Good conductors of heat and electricity React with acidshigh density high melting point corrosive=rusts
Metalloids Some are good conductors while others are poor.The behave as metals sometimes and nonmetal other times
Atomic Number the number of protons and Electrons
Malleable to be able to be hammered or pressed permanently out of shape with out cracking or breaking
Density how much stuff or matter is in a certain space
Deposition G to S
Sublimation S to G
Evaporation L to G
Melting S to L
Freezing L to S
Condensation G to L
atomic theory the study of the atom

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