Term Definition
Element Pure Substances made of only 1 atom
Atom Smallest particles of matter
Melting Solid —> Liquid
Evaporation Liquid —> Gas
Condensation Gas —> Liquid
Freezing Liquid —> Solid
Sublimation Solid —> Gas
Deposition Gas —> Solid
Protons Inside the nucleus has a positive charge
Neutrons Found inside the nucleus has no charge
Electrons Outside the nucleus and have a negative charge
Malleable Metals can be flattened without crumbling
Ductile Metals can be drawn into a thin wire
Metals Group that are good conductors of heat and electricity, are malleable and ductile and have luster
Non-Metals Group that are poor conductors of heat and electricity and are brittleQ
Metalloids Group can be like metals and non-metals
Luster shine
Corrosive Property of metals = Rusting
Density Amount of mass in a certain volume
Atomic Mass How much a certain amount weighs
Atomic Number Number of protons and electrons in an atom
Chemical Symbol Abbreviation for chemical name
Atomic Theory The study of the atom

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