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An increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is associated with an increase in global temperature The Property is carbon dioxide keeping heat in the atmosphere from escaping into the atmosphere
Element that makes up the most of the air we breath Nitrogen
Layer in which the weather occurs/ we live in Troposphere
Statement that best described temperature as elevation in the atmosphere increase Temperature decreases with elevation in the troposphere
Greenhouse gases helps heat the atmosphere by Absorbing infrared radiation released by Earth
A weather balloon is about 2m wide when it's near the ground. It grows to about 6m wide at higher altitudes it grows wider because the air pressure surrounding the balloon decrease
Atmosphere is made up of Nitrogen: 78/100Oxygen: 21/100All other gases: 1/100
The temperature of the stratosphere increases with altitude because of the presence of Ozoneee
How is the stratosphere different from the mesosphere Meteors are found in the mesosphere
When a plane flies, it travels through air that contains gases, liquids, and solids Best described as "atmosphere"
Why does the troposphere experience the greatest amount of atmospheric pressure compared to the other atmospheric layer It contains a high concentration of gas particles
Trait that is common in gases that contribute to Earths greenhouse effect? The ability to trap heat
Best description of the troposphere is the layer of the atmosphere with the Greatest density
Many countries depends on the energy from fossil fuels. Some scientists suggest using renewable sources of energy They suggest because it is safer for the environment
N-renewable energy sources (oil/natural gases) are formed from the remains of organisms buried beneath the surface of the earth. What is one advantage of using natural gas instead of solar power to generate electricity Natural gas plants can make power at night
Best description of a direct result of scientists research on society and on the environment? Alternatives to ozone-depleting aerosols were invented
Measurements of carbon dioxide concentration in the air taken over the past decade have shown a Dramatic increase
Automobile engines built today are designed to be gas efficient. Gas- efficient engines most likely affect a city by reducing Air pollution
The atmosphere is important because It provides conditions that support life, it protects us from meteoriods, it protects us from harmful UV radiation from the sun
What can you do to reduce the number of greenhouse gases that are produced? Turn off and unplug appliances when you are not using them

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