Term Definition
Form is a 3 dimensional object having volume and thickness;can be implied with the use of light and shading techniques
Shape is 2 dimensional line with no form or thickness;shapes flat;grouped into geometric and organic
Space indicates areas between,around,above or below or within something
Emphasis is an area that first attracts attention in a composition
Contrast offers some change in value creating visual discord in a composition;shows the difference between shapes
Balance is a feeling of visual equality is shape,form,value,color,etc
Unity brings together a composition of with similar units
Pattern when elements (shapes,lines,textures,or colors) are repeated
Movement is a visual flow through the composition;as you mover from object to object by way of placement and position
Rhythm Like a dance it will have a flow of objects that will seem to be like the beat of the music;is a movement in which some elements recurs regularly.
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