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depresses clavicle protracts clavicle subclavius
depresses scapula protracts scapula pectoralis minor
depresses scapula protracts scapula serratus anterior
elevates scapula levator scapulae
depresses, elevates, retracts shoulderextends, hyperextends head trapezius
retracts shoulderelevates shoulder rhomboid major
retracts shoulder elevates shoulder rhomboid minor
flexes brachium adducts brachium medially rotates brachium pectoralis major
adducts brachium flexes brachium extends brachium deltoid
adducts brachiumextends brachium medially rotates brachium latissimus dorsi
adducts brachium extends brachium medially rotates brachium teres major
medially rotates brachium subscapularis
abducts brachium supraspinatus
laterally rotates brachium infraspinatus
laterally rotates brachium teres minor
flexes brachium adducts brachium coracobrachialis
flexes brachium flexes, supinates antebrachium biceps brachii
flexes antebrachium brachialis
flexes antebrachium rotates antebrachium brachioradialis
extends brachium extends antebrachium triceps brachii
pronates antebrachium pronator teres
flexes hand flexor carpi radialis
flexes hand palmaris longus
flexes hand flexor carpi unlaris
extends hand extensor carpi ulnaris
extends hand, fingers extensor digitorum
extends hand extensor carpi radialis
stabilizes tendons of extensor muscles extensor retinaculum
Arms Actions Anat. Exam 2

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