Question Answer
Dais Raised platform in hall or large room
Transgression An act that goes against law, an offense.
Vocation An occupation, job
Fathom Understand after much thought
Infamy An evil or wicked act
Sanction Official permission or approval.
Vindicate Show or prove to be correct
Elusive Difficult to find
Flourish Develop rapidly and successfully.
Warrent Justify or necessitate.
Anthem Song or hymm of praise.
Discern To recognize, or d8scriminate mentally.
Approbation Act of approval formally and officially.
Blatant Done openly,"blunt"
Portal Doorway
Ravine Steep, narrow gorge
Impotent Unable to be effective
Beacon Some kind of signal
Abyss Deeper seemingly endless chasm
Anryem vocab

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