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What was the natural barrier that protected Egypt in the south? cataracts
What is the location of the Nile Delta? Lower Egypt
What did the Egyptians studied to learn how to obtain life after death? Book of Dead
What is the second to the last social class in Ancient Egypt? farmers and herders
What was the most important group in Ancient Egyptian society? family
Why did Egyptians build pyramids in which to bury their pharaohs? to preserve the body and to provide them with all their needs in the afterlife
The Egyptians willingly served their all powerful leader because they believed … unity came from a strong leader
As a result of being conquered by Egypt, Nubians did what? accepted many Egyptians beliefs and customs
What group did the most work on the pyramids? FARMERS
What ruler avoided military conquest and expanded Egypt's economy? HATSHEPSUT
A government in which the same person is the political and religious leader is called a theocracy
What caused the decline and fall of the Egyptian Empire? the Egyptians were attacked by neighboring people
What are the reasons why the Nile River is considered the heart of Egypt? it is a life source of trade, it waters the crops, and it's flooding provides fertile soil
The pharaoh was considered to be the god on earth that protected Egypt
What rights did most Egyptians women have? serve as priest, make will and obtain divorce, and own property
What pharaoh tried to start a new religion based on one deity, Aton? AMENHOTEP IV
What ruler became a pharaoh at the age of 10? KING TUT
What region later became known as Kush? NUBIA
During the New Kingdom, what pharaoh's armies conquered many areas and made slavery widespread in Egypt? THUTMOSE III
The Nile River's flooding could be described as? PREDICTABLE
Ancient Egypt

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