Term Definition
Ambassador is a person sent by their government to represent their home country in a foreign nation.
American System a system proposed by Henry Clay which called for the government to help with internal improvements
Cumberland Highway the first national highway which was completed in 1837 connecting Maryland to Illinois.
Erie Canal a canal which connected the Great Lakes to New York
First Transcontinental Railroad a railroad that was completed in 1869 which connected the east and west coast
Gadsen Purchase a purchase named after James Gadsen in which the US purchased more territory from Mexico that would eventually make up the southern part of Arizona and Mexico
Guadalupe Hidalgo a treaty which stated that the United States had won area in the present-day states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming
Henry Clay was a powerful political figure during the mid 1800's. He served in Congress for several terms and even ran for President several times
Industrial Revolution a period in American (and world history) when the focus was on machines, factories, and industry
James Gadsen the ambassador who helped negotiate the treaty
Lewis and Clark two explorers who helped create a map so that Americans would be able to migrate and settle in the territory gained from the Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark Expedition an expedition consisting of a group of explorers led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark that explored western North America
Mexican War a war that lasted 1 1/2 years, but was won easily by the US because the US had better weapons and leadership
Texas became the 28th state after being annexed by the United States in 1845
Western Expansion government policies which helped to gain territories in the west
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