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If states are sued by citizens the case must be tried in state court Amendment 11
Defines the rights of citizens through due process and equal protection clauses Amendment 14
Gave D.C three electoral votes Amendment 23
Made poll taxes illegal Amendment 24
Set up the order of succession of the president and procedures for president disability Amendment 25
Gave 18 year olds the right to vote Amendment 26
In order for an amendment to be ratified 38 states would have to approve it
Most of the guarantees in the bill of rights are applicable at the state level because amendment 11
This amendment states that accused people have the right to call witnesses in their favor 6th amendment
This amendment assures excessive bail will not be given 8th amendment
Under this amendment the people have the right to contact their representatives in Congress if they feel they have grievances 1st amendment
This amendment was passed because the Supreme Court said that a direct tax on the people by the government was unconstitutional 16th amendment
Congress cana??t make laws respecting an establishment of religion and cana??t abridge the freedom of speech or of the press, people have the right to assemble peacefully and petition government Amendment 1
Protect people from search and seizures, no search warrants without probable cause, people have the right to be secure in their houses and papers Amendment 4
Right to speedy and public trial, right to be informed of accusation, right to have a lawyer Amendment 6
Right to not say anything without an attorney, right to not have to give evidence incriminating yourself in court, cannot be accused of the same crime twice Amendment 5
Amendment Retake

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