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lujuria not luxury, not lujo. Means lust, deseo
maneras no manners, not buena educacion, buenos modales. Means ways to do something — forma de actuar
Mediterraneo el mar, pero tambien significa land locked
la experiencia es madre de la ciencia Experience is the best teacher
La mujer y el vidrio siempre estan en peligro women are fragile, glasses and lasses are brittle ware
ocurrencia not evento. Means a witty saying, algo listo
ordinario comun, vulgar
papel not a paper that is written. means the actual hojas de papel
media naranja your better half
mucho ojo careful, heads up or watch out
introducir not presentar. Is used to introduce an idea or object… meter un objeto
labor feminine… la labor. means much more than physical labor. Physical, with hands, intellectual
lectura not lecture. Means reading, obra o texto para leer
hacer escala a layover, un tiempo de esperar hasta que empieza la proxima parte del viaje
hacer la vista gorda to turn a blind eye to
Dios mediante Lord willing
entrenamiento training for physical or military. La practica para mejorarse en algo fisico o del militar
entretener entertain, hacer pacer el tiempo de manera agradable
Donde menos se piensa salta la liebre When you least expect it
El que mucho abarca poco aprieta Don?t bite off more than you can chew
criatura not a creature or animal. Means bebe o nino
cuestion not a pregunta. Means asunto
decepcion Does not mean enganar. Means desilusion (disappoint)
desde luego por supuesto
del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho Easier said than done
Dicho y hecho said and done, it is finished, no sooner said than done
without permission sin autorizacion
publishers editores
was fined, was sentenced ha condenado
software giant al gigante informatico
Spay and neuter your pets Esterilizar y castrar (o capar) a sus mascotas
capitalized words mayusculas
Gone with the Wind Lo que el viento se llevo
exclamation of surprise ah
exclamation of dolor, tristeza ay
exclamation molestia, desgusto bah
exclamation of … not acceptable in some cultures caramba
expression of esperanza ojala
expression that something smells bad puf
expression of being more bothered… Ugh! Uf
expression of wow! come one! or una molestia vaya
quotation marks comillas
what are 5 registries of communication to consider casual, vulgar, formal, literary, neutral
what are 4 tones to consider disgusted, sarcastic respectful, sad
something that interferes with communication ruido
funeral funebre
localizada (word affected by english, there is a better Spanish word) ubicada
estandar (word affected by english, there is a better Spanish word) norma
film (word affected by english, there is a better Spanish word) pelicula
quickly and effectively rapida y efectamente (dont use mente twice)
parientes not parents… personas de la familia
particular not algo exigente…. means privado
perfeccionar hacer perfecto… also means mejorar
La necesidad hace maestro Necessity makes the best teacher
Ni a tiros Not a chance!
Adv Comp Vocab 2

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