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Metering devices Regulates the flow of refrigerant from the condenser into the evaporator at the required rate needed to produce refrigeration effect
Metering devices maintain The pressure difference between the high in a low sides of the system which allows a refrigerant to vaporize in evaporator and be turned to liquid in the condenser
Metering devices are also known as Refrigerant flow controls
Name to other types of refrigerant flow controls -Liquid line solenoid valves-Suction pressure regulating valves
Hand expansion valve An adjustable manual rotary needle valve.
HXV is used how An auxiliary valve placed on a bypass line
Automatic expansion valve Floods the evaporator with a liquid to reduce its capacity.
What has to acting pressures and what are they AXV…-Suction pressure-Spring tension
In the AXV What is adjustable The Spring tension
The suction pressure in the AXV does what Opposes the spring tension
The compressor cycling on and off controls The pressure inside the evaporator
What's happening to the vapor when the compressor is turned on It is being drawn/pulled or suction out causing the Spring to expand and the valve to open adding liquid to the evaporator
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