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what measure the pull of gravity on an object weight
a good scientific experiment includes several constant factors and one variable
what are substances composed of only one type of atom called elements
in order for soil to drain well and not retain excess water, it must contain sand
Humus is formed as a result of decomposition
the type of soil that contains a mixture of sand, salt, clay and humus is loam
the primary plant food element found in the ashes of burned fruit is potassium
a substance having a pH of 10 would be basic
a theory that has never been proven false is called a law
a fertilizer bag labeled 10-8-14 would contain 10% of the element nitrogen
what measures the amount of matter in an object mass
plants that have short stems, few leaves, and a pale green color need the plant food element nitrogen
the plant food element that a farmer should apply when his crop begins to ripen is phosphorus
nitrates are formed by lightning, nitrifying bacteria, nitrogen-fixing bacteria
Legumes allow nitrogen-fixing bacteria to form swellings called ____ on their roots nodules
what measures how tightly paced matter is density
a sensible explanation to a scientific problem is an hypotesis
the primary plant food elements are nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium
when scientists perform experiments, they record facts and information called data
the study of soil is pedology
the study of the after and movement of God's physical creation is science
to express acidity an basicity of substances, chemists use the pH scale
soil and porous rock that cannot hold any more water are said to be saturated
six steps of the scientific method state problem… gather information.. formulate hypothesis.. test the hypothesis… record and analyze changes… state the conclusions
any soil material primarily derived from living organisms organic
any soil material primarily derived from nonliving matter mineral
breakdown of organisms decompose
substance composed of decayed organisms particles humus
reusing old materials recycling
process that breaks rocks down into soil weathering
top 2 to 6 inches of soil topsoil
layer of solid rock below the soil bedrock
what is the substance of the physical world called matter
what is an area of ground water collected in a layer of rock or soil aquifer
what is a "self pumping" well called artesian well
what is the upward movement of water through a tiny space in response to surface tension capillarity
what are the most basic units of matter atoms
what are the air pockets called that are found in the soil pore spaces
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