Term Definition
Fathom a unit of length equal to six feet (1.8 meters): used chiefly in nautical measurements.
Dormant lying asleep or as if asleep; inactive, as in sleep; torpid: in a state of rest or inactivity; inoperative; in abeyance:
Resolve to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something): to separate into constituent or elementary parts; break up; cause or disintegrate (usually followed by into). to reduce or convert by, or as by, breaking up or disintegration
Ordain to destine or predestine; to decree; give orders for
Detest to feel abhorrence of; hate; dislike intensely
Paradox a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. a selfcontradictory and false proposition. any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.
Domestic indigenous to or produced or made within one's own country; not foreign; native: no longer wild; a hired household servant
Foremost first in place, order, rank
6th Honors 2nd 9 weeks 7th week

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