Question Answer
adquirir to acquire
suceder to happen
inculcar to instill
tutear to address as "tu"
ensombrecerse to become sad
empenarse to strive for
deconcertar to confuse
sembrar to cultivate
tallar to carve
impulsar to propel
los oficios trades
subsistir to survive
empenar to pawn
menudo small
sombrio gloomy
el capricho whim
la compostura composure
incongruente incongruous
fastidiado irked
el/la gestor manager
el casco urbano town
la superacion overcoming
el rescate rescue
la indole kind/type
tomar el pelo to pull ones leg
ser pan comido to be easy to do
echar agua al mar to be pointless
ponte las pilas look alive
estar como una cabra to be crazy
ser una y carne to be best buds
el pez gordo the big cheese
dar lata a to give grief to
estar al tanto to be informed
ir sobre ruedas to go smoothly
ser una perla to be a gem
tomar a pecho to take to heart
ser todo oidos to be all ears
estar por to be in favor of
olvidarse de to forget to
fijarse en to take notice of
reirse de to laugh about
amenazar con to threaten to
consisitir en to consist of
acordarse de to remember
sonar con to dream about
vacilar en to hesitate over
quedar en to agree

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