Term Definition
Characteristics : Pertaining to, constituting, or indicating the character or peculiarquality of a person or thing; typical; distinctive
Alternatives A choice limited to one of two possibilities, as of things, propositions, orcoursed of action
Stability The state or quality of being stable
Consequences The effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier
Benefits A payment or gift
Flex time : A system of working that allows an employee to choose, within limits, thehours for starting and leaving work each day.
Job sharing To share the responsibilities and duties of a single full time job with one ormore other employees.
Telecommuting: Working at home by using a computer terminal electronically linked toone’s place of employment.
Family Medical Leave Act: Allows employees of government agencies and companieswith more than fifty employees to take up to three months of unpaid leave during or aftera pregnancy.
Compromise Something that combines qualities or elements of different things; to giveup something to reach a decision.
Decision A choice or judgment; helps to meet goals; the question that needs to beanswered in the decision making process
Decision making style The typical manner in which a person makes a decision.
Decision making process The process of choosing between two or more alternativesor options; most logical way to make a decision.
Major decision Important decision that influences a person’s future such as a careerdecision.
Routine A series of activities performed regularly.
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