Term Definition
Community At Large Individuals who live in the area where the sport/event is held
Contingency Plan The specific guidelines that are used when responding to undesirable circumstances
Crisis Management A public-relations strategy that involves the ongoing managing planing or coordinating of resources in the event that undesirable circumstances occur
Event A gathering or activity
Fans Individuals or groups who express a common interest in a specific performer, athlete, team, or organization
Goodwill Positive feelings twoard an individual or business; an advantage that an indivisual or business aquires beyond the value of the goods or services provided
Media The message channels used to promotes a good, service, or idea (e.g., radio, television, newspapers, magazines, internet); one of several sport/event fan bases
Media Buzz Attention from a variety of media sources
Public Relations A function of business designed to establish and maintain positive relation between the business and its publicity
Publicity Any non-personal presentation of ideas, goods, or services that is not paid for by the individual or organization benefiting from or harmed by
Spectator A type of fan who follows and watches a specific performer, athlete, team, or organization
Survey A data-collection tool used to gather useful information from individuals
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